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I am a manager, writer, and workplace culture coach obsessed with revealing the good made possible by value-aligned living — not just for me, for everyone.

My philosophy of values-centered management is published in my book, Managing with Aloha, Bringing Hawaii’s Universal Values to the Art of Business, originally published in 2004, and recently released in the summer of 2016 as a Second Edition.

Managing with Aloha covers the 19 Values of Aloha, and how they are used in culture-building within business, for the optimal health of a company’s workplace and enterprise. I won’t impose my values on you, but I will challenge you to live and work within the truth and integrity of yours: That’s what the phrase Managing with Aloha is all about, and it’s the living and working philosophy I’m best known for.


Aloha is so much more than we imagine it to be.
Ua ola loko i ke aloha;
Aloha provides life from within.

Say Leadership Coaching is primarily dedicated to my business, Say Leadership Coaching, founded in 2003 to teach and coach the ‘Ohana in Business® model of Managing with Aloha.

Hawai‘i has shaped my Sense of Place, and I teach and speak in the Aloha-woven way called “talking story.” I value conversation, believing we need to talk with each other way more than we do, and so I brought The Daily 5 Minutes® to the workplace.

Within each and every speaking, teaching or coaching presentation I do, I will suggest conversations you can have to effect positive shift in your workplace relationships. My goal is to help you build the healthiest working culture possible, a culture which will survive us both for generations to come.

Ho‘ohana Publishing

Ho‘ohana is the Hawaiian value of worthwhile work, and Ho‘ohana Publishing is the publishing arm of Say Leadership Coaching. You will find our books and business publications listed here: Writing with Aloha. Contact us directly via email for any queries as to book distribution and publishing rights.

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I’m a fairly prolific writer, for I believe writing taps into our energies: We all can write to think, learn and grow. The written word gives our spoken word greater reach, and will connect us in more ways. Thus, the best place to keep in sync with me is at my blog-structured work in progress, Managing with Aloha: Learn more on the MWA About Page, and subscribe at the RSS feed. You can talk story with me in the MWA comment boxes, and I sincerely hope you will. Learning within collaborative teams helps me thrive, and better understand how I can serve you. So don’t be shy: Start the conversation, and let me know what you’re thinking.

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This is the subscription box you see offered on here at Our tribe of readers, students, Alaka‘i Managers and Leaders has come together as the Ho‘ohana Community, a movement of Aloha kākou, togetherness, since 2003. I publish a weekly newsletter to keep our global conversation going, and point to relevant new learning: our Aloha Intentions are a work in progress for all of us. Do subscribe and join us!

Explore while you are here, to learn a bit more about my company, Say Leadership Coaching, and how we work with value-centering, or contact me directly. I would love to hear from you.

Rosa Say, 2016

Rosa Say, 2016