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Rosa Say, 2016

Rosa Say, 2016

Rosa Say is a workplace culture coach determined to reinvent our workplaces value by value, making them healthier and more rewarding for us all. As founder of Say Leadership Coaching, Rosa is hired as an expert coach on values-based management, and as a change agent leading business in organizational culture design. She is widely known for her work leading the Managing with Aloha movement within Hawai‘i and internationally, work which draws from her 30-year career in the resort hospitality industry and residential resort development.

Initially published in 2004, Managing with Aloha is considered a classic work which describes how Hawaii’s values can be brought to the art of business universally. The book is widely used as an indispensable resource for managers, for Rosa is their most vocal advocate and champion. Rosa publishes the popular Managing with Aloha blog for workplace culture-building, and her ebooks put valuable how-to in the hands of the Alaka‘i Managers she is committed to mentoring.

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“The value of HO‘OHANA is my driving force.

As the Hawaiian value of worthwhile work, HO‘OHANA is the cool and sexy stuff of my visions for our future. Yes, work. I think work is saddled with unfortunate baggage, and vastly underestimated as the creative shaper and art form it can be for you, so I wrote Managing with Aloha, and then founded Say Leadership Coaching to prove it.

If you want your life to be remarkable, reinventing your personal approach with the work you do is the way you make it happen. If you want your business to be remarkable, you must employ great managers and leaders devoted to their people.”
—Rosa Say