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People revere leadership, and with good reason. Leadership, however, needs great managers to make it happen.

These great managers and good people are called Alaka‘i Managers. They live, work, manage and lead with Aloha as their calling and distinctive gift to the world. They are the vision and ‘product’ of Say Leadership Coaching, and we are dedicated to supporting them.

Managing with Aloha, Second EditionMy name is Rosa Protacio Say, and I am the manager and managers’ coach known for Managing with Aloha, Bringing Hawai‘i’s Universal Values to the Art of Business. Say Leadership Coaching is my company, and it is dedicated to bringing the values of ALOHA to the workplace as a sensibility for worthwhile work.

My coaching specialty is healthy culture building. I work with the team you have selected, and coach them on value mapping within your sense of place. Those values your founders had attached to your company’s vision need to be dusted off and put to good work for you: It’s time to make them real.

My preferred roles are as the manager’s coach and leader’s mentor, teaching them to coach and mentor their own staff. I work with businesses who are committed to their vision as a humanitarian cause, and to their own people most of all: They are ready to value-align their organizational culture as a vital strategic strengthening, and they are courageous, doing whatever it takes.

A healthy workplace culture will survive both of us, delivering its extraordinary gifts to generations to come. It will be prosperous financially, developmentally, and emotionally.

Why wait? That can happen for you right now.
One of those gifts is your vision and cause. Another is your Aloha, for your Aloha Spirit is tangible, and it’s incredible.

The values you possess are a support structure, and they are far more powerful than you may be aware of.
I’d love to help you discover their power, their effectiveness (for that’s what power is) and their relevance to a great life.

Let’s work together.

This will share more about what I do: Values in Healthy Work, and this talks about how we usually start: Our Beautiful Basics.

Policy Changes Ache Groundwork: Excerpt;

We don’t seek policy changes in Say Leadership Coaching, not exactly, and never immediately. We seek the value-aligned, ALOHA-seeded groundwork of culture-building instead, so that each workplace culture will arrive at the readiness they require — readiness to then initiate their own pilot programs and policy changes, allowing that change to come from within, and from their own values:
Ethos: Be true to your Values.

What we do seek in the work of Say Leadership Coaching, are behavioral changes: Let’s Define Values.

Please note: Ho‘omaha for Say Leadership Coaching is scheduled December 18th, 2016 through January 7th, 2017—we pause our normal business hours then, for vacation time. You can read more about our holiday practice here: Ho‘omaha Makahiki Kākou

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