Ho‘ohiki: We promise

As we Ho‘ohana, to work with good intent and with strong purpose, these are the commitments we will live daily in our own business practice at Say Leadership Coaching. We confidently make these same commitments to you, as our Ho‘ohiki, our adopted rules of engagement and promises to keep.

We will know our clients as well as we coach them to know their people.

We will teach that you cannot manage the behavior of others well unless you manage yourself well first, and personal accountability requires self-discipline and intellectual honesty.

We will seek to inspire or awaken the passion for management in those we coach. Should their natural talents point to a career choice other than management, we will have taught them to set goals and objectives, and to continually plan for their on-going personal development.

We will be the catalyst for learning excitement in the organizations we coach, excitement that will serve to further catapult momentum in consequential and continuous learning.

We will assist those we coach in identifying their own strengths and talents, so they may be applied to their roles in the best possible way, understanding that roles are diverse in the noble field of management.

We will teach those we coach that every employee, in every interaction, is to be treated with Aloha, dignity, respect, truth and courageous honesty.

We will teach those we coach that their greatest asset is not simply their people, but their energy for good purpose, and the relationship that they have created and must continue to nurture between them.

We will listen with humility, and listen more than we speak, understanding that we are to coach the natural talents which emerge, not create those which may not exist.

We will always speak the truth of what we have learned with our clients, no matter how difficult it may be for us to say it, or for them to hear it.

We will keep the promises we make to those we coach, thus we will not make them lightly, nor will we hesitate to make those we believe in.

We will celebrate what we have learned from our sense of place here in Hawai‘i, incorporating the lessons of our Hawaiian values in our teaching and in our coaching.

We will believe, we will be brave, and we will seek beauty as we strive for what is best.

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