Values in Healthy Work

We humans hold and apply our values in at least three ways:

  1. Individually — what you believe in as your personal values
  2. Organizationally — company values you enroll in and agree to uphold as your professional values, sharing them with others in company culture
  3. In Living History — community values, as represented by its heritage, traditions, conventions, and active culture. These are largely determined by your sense of place, and community sense of belonging

The value-mapping coaching process brings all three into the harmony of a working partnership.

In my case, for instance, my personal values are complemented by those of my company, Say Leadership Coaching, and by the 19 Values of Aloha described in Managing with Aloha, with today’s cosmopolitan culture of Hawai‘i being my Sense of Place.

Values essentially do two things for us:
They define our WHY and they give us a HOW-TO.

So it’s Pono, good and right, that I share my values for Say Leadership Coaching with you.

The Alaka‘i Managers we coach have found this guide we call The Healthy Workplace Compass to be a possible starter template in the design of their own value-mapping. We often think of visionary design as the privilege of business owners and other founders, but that’s only until we do it for ourselves!

If you take pause as you read this page, stopping because your own values start talking to you, listen to them! Grab pencil and paper and capture those thoughts: You will have begun your own design draft in value-mapping.

The Healthy Workplace Compass

When we begin to work with you, we will ask you about your “compass points” commonly referred to as vision, mission, values and purpose. We use the compass metaphor as follows, and as our Managing with Aloha-mentored and value aligned “coaching sensibility” for why and how we will proceed in our work together:

Be Mission-driven — The value of ‘Imi ola:
What are you trying to achieve?

Be Values-centered — The value of Nānā i ke kumu:
Why is it so important?

Be Customer-focused — The value Mālama:
Who do you intend to serve?

Strive for the “North Star” and guiding light of Ho‘ohana — The value of worthwhile work:
How will this help you grow, and explore your full human ability and capacity?

As an example, and to help you get to know us better, these are the compass points we follow at Say Leadership Coaching, using our Hawaiian sense of place as foundation and grounding, and a values vocabulary as our Language of Intention:

‘Imi ola: (Seeking best possible life)
Our Vision and Mission: What we work to achieve.

To be a manager is to touch another life in a profound way. The relationship between manager (or boss) and an employee or workplace peer and partner, is unlike any other in a person’s life. Great managers understand this, and work diligently to create this best relationship, and foster it in good health. Their leadership calling (Alaka‘i) is to help others find their Ho‘ohana (their intention for the worthwhile work of their calling) in the context of a company’s reason for existence (i.e. in context of all the compass points.)

An Alaka‘i calling requires belief and conviction in these Aloha truths:

  • It requires the belief that people are destined to grow continually and creatively in celebration of their natural talents.
  • It requires the bravery to explore these talents, nurture their inherent good, and coach their growth in a Ho‘ohana expression.
  • It requires a purposeful passion for seeking the best in others and cultivating the beauty of the relationships that are sure to emerge between you.

Learn more here — A Manager’s Calling: The 10 Beliefs of Alaka‘i Managers

Nānā i ke kumu: (Looking to the source)
Our Values: Why this is so important

Within our SLC curriculum, we offer teaching and coaching on The 19 values of Managing with Aloha as our expertise, and specifically in their effectiveness with value alignment: Values are the shapers of healthy workplace cultures. Said another way, we speak Managing with Aloha in everything we do and share with you.

What we will teach you, is that realistically, you can optimally focus on only five to seven values simultaneously in the “look to the source” grounding and centering of any business (i.e. in your organizational culture).

These are The Values of Say Leadership Coaching: We use their Hawaiian names, and their universal intentions.

1. Aloha
As our rootstock, and our fertile ground: Aloha is the tree trunk from which the 19 values of the Managing with Aloha philosophy branch out, flower and bloom.

2. Ho‘ohana
Hana refers to work as a noun. Adding Ho‘o, which on its own means to “make something happen” puts emphasis on work as a verb. As a value, Ho‘ohana requires full intention and purpose.

3. Hō‘imi
This value is connected to ‘Imi ola (to seek your best possible life) and it is about bringing a positive expectancy to all you do. Hō‘imi means “look for better and best.”

4. Alaka‘i
Historically known as the Hawaiian value of leadership, and one we define as the value of leading AND managing well, for we are resolute as advocates of the calling of Alaka‘i management being a Pono balance of both disciplines.

5. ‘Ike loa
This is the seeking of wisdom through lifelong learning. It is our value of interest and curiosity, open-mindedness in questioning, and growth. When coupled with Aloha, ‘Ike loa is insistent on an emphasis on learning from other people.

Mālama: (Stewardship with Aloha Care)
Our Customer: Who we intend to serve

We teach and coach staff at all levels of business organization, from entry level to the executive office. For example, business model reinvention has become a necessity for many as we recover from the “great recession” and one of my most requested team coaching programs currently, is for the teaming which best happens between an operational executive committee and its Board of Directors so they simultaneously work on the same goals, as aligned with company compass points.

The personification of our customer is the Alaka‘i Manager, and our coaching is aimed at facilitating and supporting that person’s necessary role reinvention in what we feel is a healthy and profitable workplace culture.

Ho‘ohana: (Making worthwhile work happen)
Our Purpose, Intention, and Growth: How this helps us grow too

As we have covered, the mission of Say Leadership Coaching is to mentor Alaka‘i Managers who will manage and lead others with Aloha: We exist to enable those with a workplace genius to be discovered, a genius of Aloha Spirit expressed in workplace relevant skills attached to value-mapping operational effectiveness.

Our goal is to cultivate nobility and responsibility in management as the crucial working initiative sought by emerging leaders.

We coach managers to practice the art of Alaka‘i management while seeking personal growth and continuous learning for themselves.

We coach managers to equally commit to the development of the mutually beneficial employee relationships that are to be gained from mentoring and learning from their own people.

We believe that our mission is the worthwhile work through which we can make our best contribution to humanity and to our community, as we explore our own Palena ‘ole capacities as coaches.

You may also be interested in what we call Our Ho‘ohiki: our “rules of engagement” and I will affirmations. They are the “promises we keep” in our coaching work with you.
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Are you ready to work with us? How we’ll work together.

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