Value Your Month to Value Your Life

A Primer on Value Alignment, by Managing with Aloha workplace coach, Rosa Say

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Publisher’s Synopsis

Value Your Month to Value Your Life presents a self-coaching process aimed at value alignment: We call it value-mapping in the Managing with Aloha sensibility for worthwhile work. Value mapping strengthens you. You can practice it immediately to improve the daily quality of your life, boosting your confidence by building better values-based habits.

Value mapping is a way that good begets good, beginning with the good which already resides within you in the form of your personal values. To illustrate, Rosa Say, the author of Managing with Aloha, covers two workplace how-to’s which have proved successful in culture-building: The Value of the Month program, and Value Steering for Projects. You will find that her phrasing is exceptionally helpful, for she teaches with a vocabulary that is directly connected to the Managing with Aloha Language of Intention.

A message from the author

All the book publishing I have done has kaona: Each work came about as result of a HO‘OHANA story of some kind, and not because I’d set out to write a book, though I am now thrilled to have them!

If you want values to “get real” and jump off those pieces of paper which list them in business-speak, a Value of the Month program is the way to go. It’s easy, it begs the co-authorship of a team quite naturally, and it’s about immersion, where you attach real work activities to your values. When this happens, your culture is created, and when these values are practiced consistently, your culture sustains itself in good health: People enroll in your values and adopt them as their own over and over again.

I started doing this with work teams in my own career as a manager, and then I brought a Value of the Month program to the Ho‘ohana Community of Managing with Aloha’s launch year as a newsletter. Third, came publishing a program on as a virtual, and more global program, and fourth, a themed-for-learning application on Simultaneous to this evolution, was value-steering in project piloting with my coaching clients, across several different professions and industries. This compact ebook will bring all those lessons learned to you, so you can begin your own value-mapping today. Don’t wait.

Table of Contents

Prologue: Our Values Vocabulary
Introduction: The Managing with Aloha Story
Chapter 1 – At the Heart of the Matter: Our Values
Chapter 2 – Where did our values come from?
Chapter 3 – Value Immersion and Value Steering
Chapter 4 – The Logistics of Value Immersion
Chapter 5 – Your Projects with Value Steering
Chapter 6 – The Logistics of Value Steering
Chapter 7 – Take a Stand and Learn More
Addendum: 19 Values for Value Mapping

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Value Your Month to Value Your Life was initially published in 2011 as an ebook with the active participation of the Ho‘ohana Community of We had started our year by declaring it “The Year of Better Habits” and VYMTVYL became our manifesto. It can be yours too.

Buy the Kindle Edition, or in other digital formats on Smashwords also offers a PDF format you can print.


Value Your Month to Value Your Life workshops are offered exclusively through Say Leadership Coaching. They feature the Value Immersion and Value Steering methods of value-mapping discussed in the ebook. You can learn more about how values are used in culture building in this essay, also written by author Rosa Say: Values in Healthy Work.