How we’ll work together

My collection of workplace stories has grown, with Aloha.

I’ve learned so much since Managing with Aloha was first published in 2004, thanks to the many opportunities I’ve been given to visit more workplaces and help the people who are committed to making them the best they can possibly be. I’m fiercely protective of my clients privacy, for they’ve trusted me. We work on the true grit of what they do. So I won’t share the juicy details of their stories with you, however when we work together, you’ll benefit from all of them.

Like learning itself (the value of ‘Ike loa), work, and the discovery of good work (the value of Ho‘ohana) is sequential and consequential; it builds in meaningful growth. When we work together, this is something we experience together in the Aloha synergy of Lōkahi and Kākou, the values we connect to teaming, and to communication.

Managing with Aloha is a robust philosophy: It covers a lot of workplace ground with its 19 Values of Aloha and 9 Key Concepts for healthy culture-building. That means we have a considerable bank of knowledge and experience to draw from in our problem-solving and visionary thinking, yet the years I’ve worked within Managing with Aloha from day-to-day, team-to-team, manager-to-manager, and business culture-to-business culture have also helped me narrow my sights on how I can serve you best.

I have removed the lists of services I once had on my website, because all we need in getting started is a heart-to-heart conversation. Those old lists were about me introducing Managing with Aloha to the world when it was shiny and new. Today, the work we will do together is about you, and how I can support you, with Managing with Aloha as the best resource and back-up credibility we could possibly have.

We’ll talk story to begin, and it will be an honest conversation. I’ll be frank, for I’ve become better at saying no to efforts that may sound promising, but haven’t proven consistently effective. My list of services has gotten shorter within the speaking, teaching, and coaching I do, because I focus in much better, on what I know will help you regardless of your professional discipline or industry. As I’d written in Managing with Aloha, our values and value-based behaviors truly are universal in our humanity. They are alive and well, and they are vital: What we do is employ them well. I have learned to hear them, so I’ll ask you several questions. Any no I may say to you, will come with another coaching suggestion you can think about as we engage in the coaching which will serve you best.

I’ll give you an example. I’m often called on to do “acculturation training” for managers and executives who have newly relocated into a company or community because Sense of Place figures so prominently in my philosophy. I’ll say “Mahalo for thinking of me, but no thank you. May I make another suggestion instead?” so we can begin to talk about what makes for a healthy culture. A new place and new role will always challenge the newcomer, however the difficulty within that challenge stems from the dynamics of the culture in place which receives them: How warm and welcoming — genuinely, Mea Ho‘okipa welcoming — is the host culture in making room for newcomers? If your workplace culture is value-aligned, you don’t need any coach or consultant to do acculturation training: Your culture will warmly embrace your newcomers and the contribution you want them to make, and do that acculturation for you.

Great managers know that CULTURE is simply a group of people who share common values, and operate within those values.

The great manager, and the great PERSON, manages their own behavior by tapping into their values as their source of human energy. It’s the way they “lead by example” conducting themselves with ALOHA distinction.

Say Leadership Coaching pursues short-term work that delivers long-term results.

My goal is to equip you. Your success as an Alaka‘i Manager will always be my primary objective. I’ve always believed in coaching myself out of a job, achieving my Managing with Aloha vision because it happens one manager at a time, and you’ve gotten stronger, able, more confident and self-assured.

Therefore, I do my best work with you in the two areas which follow: Each has a selection of workshops you can choose from if you’d like to include them, such as my popular Mea Ho‘okipa class, and the Daily 5 Minutes® jumpstart program.

  • Coaching managers together with their team of direct reports, in the context of a project pilot that is practical, useful, and relevant to your real work.  My MWA goal within your objectives: An evolution in the role of the manager going forward. This, for instance, is an excellent way to coach new supervisors.
  • Culture-building through workplace communications, helping you construct your “Language of We” through value-mapping.  My MWA goal within your objectives: An evolution is achieved for you in your culture’s Language of Intention going forward. I teach you to hear your values speaking with Aloha too.

One of these is prerequisite to any ‘executive coaching’ request I fulfill. I do choose my clients from the get-go, basing it on our values match, and my best perception of their ability to perform. As you can guess, my specialties described above create a learning laboratory for us beyond our initial conversation. A person’s ability to perform doesn’t mean they will, or are equipped to do so yet, and the tough part for all coaches (without benefit of a project laboratory) is in separating their desire — “I really want this.” — from their determination, ability, and present capacity — “I promise you, I will do whatever it takes to make this happen.”

That’s where courage and self-discipline comes into the picture.

As an old proverb encourages,
“You must go out on a limb. That’s where you’ll pick the sweetest sun-ripened fruit.”
And, as Saint Basil said,
“A tree is known for its fruit, a man for his deeds. A good deed is never lost.”

You don’t need money to hire me, you need courage and those good deeds. Well, you need some money, for what I do within my Ho‘ohana mastery to serve you well requires some financing, but the money is manini (a small and minor matter) compared to what you need in much larger doses: The courage it takes to fully engage, and the discipline required in follow up, for the beneficiary is in the evolution of your work. You learn it by doing it, and when you hire Say Leadership Coaching, you learn and do with my help.

All the while, what we work with are good values, good intentions, and thus, great energies that survive the grit of the territory, so we can grab onto more creative possibility. And we will. We banish Possibility Robbers and do a wealth of good deeds.

That’s what Alaka‘i Managers and people who work with Aloha do, and I’m so thrilled to be their coach as they bloom and grow, and then foster similar success for others.

Here’s an interview I did recently: It may answer some other questions for you, including, What if I’m not a manager? The link will take you to where you’ll also find the 19 Values of Aloha and 9 Key Concepts for healthy culture-building.

Then, drop me a line, so our conversation can begin. Let’s talk about how we can work together, soon, for the Ho‘ohana mastery of People Who Do Good Work awaits you too.