What’s free, what’s not

I charge for the speaking, teaching, coaching, and in-person meetings I do, and for my books.

As this page will explain in more detail: My goal is to equip you.

I agree that free is nice, assuming there’s true worth in what you receive. What we all come to realize, is that free usually requires more conversion work on our part: We’ve figured out “nice” isn’t quite enough, and we ask ourselves, How do I make this useful?  If it isn’t truly useful, free is just more noise, or more clutter.

Free is vastly better when it comes with Aloha shared between us. We live in an age of informational bombardment, and a good Aloha relationship is the best shortcut to what is most relevant, practical and useful to us both. It happens because Aloha isn’t really a shortcut, but the true heart of the matter; we are exactly where we should be. Thus my goal, is that we have Aloha present in everything we do together.

The conversations in which we’ll initially talk to meet each other are free, when via email, on the telephone or Skype, and over coffee when we happen to be in the same place. I will never spring a ‘consultation fee’ on you without letting you know we’re entering that territory and our early talking story is now pulling from a considerable amount of my time or expertise. My fees are set per project, and not hourly, and when I travel, clients are asked to cover my expenses at actual cost.

The only discounting I do is for the hardcover copies of Managing with Aloha as a learning resource in conjunction with another booking to engage my services. If you work for a non-profit, please do not ask me for a discount: Ho‘ohanohano ke aloha. Send me your proposal on what you request, state what you’re able to pay in respect for what I do, and I will make it happen best I’m able to do so, and within reason.

You truly use me for free, and do so well, when you learn to use the resources I publish. Learning a new habit — in this case, a habit of reading and conversion to relevant usefulness for you — is like the great work we call Ho‘ohana in the Managing with Aloha philosophy: It’s good for you!

Here is a good article on www.ManagingWithAloha.com to start with:
Jumpstart: The Simplest and Best Managing with Aloha Toolkit there is

The articles I write and publish on the web, are intended to start, and then continue the conversations I’ve started with people either as my readers or my clients, giving them added value in our ongoing Language of We. Conference attendees for instance, who subscribe for my blog articles for advance reading prior to their conference event, will find that my presentation feels more like an ongoing conversation to them: We’ve gone past our meet-and-greet and dug in to the true value of the work we can do together in their programs.

I also publish articles online to give back and give more to my staff, past and present, and to my network of partnerships. They’re free, and pleasantly ad-free since sponsored by Say Leadership Coaching (though I can’t always say that for guest posts, or the writing-for-hire I’ve done for others) and my freely published articles now number well over the thousands. Search for “Rosa Say” + “(topic or subject matter of interest to you)” and see what comes up!

I personally think of my web publishing as Reader Supported: You encourage me to write, and publish more, with your book purchases and subscriptions, and your feedback most of all. When you select a subscription to Managing with Aloha, I receive that from you, as “I appreciate this, and I intend to live, work, manage, and lead with my Aloha Spirit too.”

Thank you for that: It fills me with the Aloha of MAHALO.
I love knowing that we are working within similar goals, Ho‘ohana kākou ke lōkahi.

I do encourage Alaka‘i Managers to get email subscriptions to Managing with Aloha, and to use them in their workplace huddles: Scroll down to the footer of this page to subscribe now, and try it. The emails are easy to forward to others and print, so you can talk story about them, and do your own value-verbing.

The conversations you have in your own workplace is the best free of all, for they happen in your personal learning laboratory as you speak with Aloha. They can stoke the fiery spirit of living, working, managing and leading with Aloha — all verbs, begging you to make them come true with your actions.

If you have stories you can share about that happening for you, please write me, for I’d love to hear them.

If you can help me by writing a book review for Managing with Aloha, or a recommendation for the speaking, teaching, and coaching I do, please do, and thank you! Those are the priceless gifts which will connect the gifts of ALOHA with so many others.