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“I love writing, and I value it as a highly necessary communication skill, be it for spirit-spilling; writing for oneself, or to complement the Aloha Intention we call Speaking with Aloha. We write—and we draw and sketch—to explore, to learn, to share, and to curate. Within each, we decipher and discover, and make more sense of our world. Writing is more than skill, it’s a gift.”
—Rosa Say, Founding Statement, Ho‘ohana Publishing

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Managing with Aloha, Second Edition Like many, we came to Hawai‘i with hopes and dreams of how things could be better if we were sensitive to the place; how business objectives and the values of this place could be mutually compatible — to create a win for all. It is one thing to have a dream; it is another to execute that dream. Rosa Say played a key role in executing that dream at Hualalai, and now in this book she has the courage to tell the story. Managing with Aloha or managing with Hawaiian values in the workplace is not a new concept and certainly was in this land long before any of us. What Rosa and this book do well is to help us unpack and restate these values from her real-life experiences, such that we end up with a great tool for managers today.
Samuel Anslie, President and CEO, Kūki‘o

It’s about time! Managing with Aloha is long overdue. Rosa Say has authored a classic work in her application of a powerful set of Hawaiian values designed to produce managerial excellence in the workplace. I love the way she walks you through the operational challenges of the workplace and then presents real solutions based on her experience as a high ranking corporate manager. After reading this book it will dawn on you that if you are not Managing with Aloha, you are under performing!
Peter Apo, Director, Hawaiian Hospitality Institute

Managing with Aloha is a must read by anyone dealing with the contemporary challenges of corporate management. It’s a well organized and easily navigated book on Hawaiian values and their practical application to the workplace. Author Rosa Say is brilliant in translating her extensive corporate management experience into a useful curriculum that should be required reading by everyone doing business in Hawai‘i.
Doug Chang, Chair, Native Hawaiian Hospitality Institute

Reading this book is an opportunity for a corporate paradigm shift — can we manage with Aloha, and still be successful in a western world? The answer is a resounding YES, thanks to this seminal work. Managing with Aloha is our roadmap to traveling a new path. Rosa took up the challenge presented by Dr. George Kanahele, to blend Hawaiian values and business practices. The result — an extraordinary tool to assist managers across industries in modeling the unique nature of our island home and the universal values and spirit of the Hawaiian people. We can change the world with Aloha.
Malia Meyer, Na Mea Hawai‘i and Native Books, Inc.

Aloha Intentions

Aloha Intentions is the subject matter of the Managing with Aloha series Rosa has written for Ke Ola Magazine since January, 2013.

These columns are archived here at RosaSay.com for the convenience of the Ho‘ohana Community, for many will reference them in their Value of the Month programs:

  • Inaugural Issue: Why Values? And Why “Manage with Aloha?”
  • Series 2 Kick-off: Aloha Intentions
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