Business Thinking with Aloha

Become a Business Thinker with the 9 Key Concepts of the Managing with Aloha Sensibility for Work

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Publisher’s Synopsis

Business Thinking with Aloha is a ‘Business of Life’ Thought Kit.

This may very well be the most useful e-book you buy. Re-imagine work, and gain better control of your life as you do so, even if you never decide to go into business for yourself. Adopting and adapting a business mindset opens up your options, helping you feel confident, connected and in-the-know.

This book presents the business-thinker’s possibility for a new working attitude with a values-based bonus: 9 Key business concepts presented within the best work/life coaching of the Managing with Aloha movement.


“What did you learn today Ralph?
Did you learn what to believe or did you learn how to think?”
— The questions Nathra Nader posed to his then ten-year-old son, Ralph Nader when he came home from school. From The Tradition of Education and Argument, The Seventeen Traditions

A message from the author

The thinking I’ve been doing lately is about kit creating. Imagine having a thought kit, supported by the Managing with Aloha philosophy.

The 9 Key Concepts are the subject of this book, one which also differs in its intended audience: I wrote it with my two children in mind, both then in college, and ready to enter the working world as young adults with career choices quite different from my own.

I want them to have a healthy relationship with work, for they’re just beginning their story as working adults, and they’ll be tackling a lot of it. I want them to be inquisitive young people who seek to shape their world in the best possible way, loving life as they do so, and fully cognizant of how powerful they are with creating their own destiny. Life needn’t just happen to them, they can navigate their choices skillfully and design it.

As I wrote BTWA I also thought of it as a way I could help the Alaka‘i Manager who would like to give their employees a gift as suggested reading, something in full alignment and support of what that manager is seeking to learn in their own self-development. I asked myself, “As a manager grows, what lighter, but parallel path can their staff start with?” and Become a Business Thinker became a possible answer. It’s a shorter book, about a fourth the reading time of Managing with Aloha, and I think it offers fabulous utility, an ever-present goal of my work.

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This was published in May of 2010 as an ebook, when most of us felt we were still deep in the clutches of the recession of 2008, and articles like “The Lost Generation” were the headlines of the day. I am very passionate about how having a business mindset can help everyone today, and not just managers: In our current economic climate, business thinking is a survival skill. That doesn’t mean you can’t be creative, and enjoy what you do. Economic downturns, are in fact resets: People are forced into evaluating new opportunities, and their lives can turn out for the better. Business Thinking with Aloha will help you figure out how to make better happen.

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This book brought a breath of fresh air to my business and management reading list. It offers a compelling new lens through which to bring practices to light that enrich one’s personal and professional work. Business Thinking with Aloha is one of those books I think I’ll never truly “finish” with, but continue to savor and periodically return to.
— Smashwords reader Melissa Mendes Campos


Business Thinking with Aloha workshops are offered exclusively through Say Leadership Coaching. They feature the Take 5 Coaching and 9 Key Concepts discussed in the ebook. You can learn more about how the 9 Key Concepts are used in culture building in this essay, done as Resource Page for