Managing with Aloha, Second Edition 2016


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“Managing others is a profound responsibility. In Aloha we are held accountable, and working true to our values, we ourselves become better.”

Publisher’s Synopsis

When Managing with Aloha was initially published, veteran executive Rosa Say offered the world a fresh look at values-centered business. She proposed that the value aligned practices of Aloha-inspired management would challenge the integrity and effectiveness of managers everywhere.

The ambitious, yet universally appealing and compelling movement Say fostered continues with this 2nd Edition, newly edited by the author herself after twelve years devoted to coaching and supporting Alaka’i Managers who have adopted the Managing with Aloha philosophy and made it their own.

Managing with Aloha explores nineteen different Hawaiian values, and demonstrates how managers can bring these universal values into every kind of business practice today. With many examples drawn from her own successful career as a manager, Say eloquently shares her tested common-sense approaches to blending social and economic goals of business enterprise in ways that define a healthy sensibility for working and living

Every day, somewhere in the world, Aloha comes to life. As we live and breathe, our Aloha Spirit can define the epitome of sincere, gracious, and intuitively perfect customer service given from one person to another. If they are to prosper with honor and integrity, managers everywhere must proactively perpetuate this culture as a way of business life, and Managing with Aloha shows us how.

Features of the Second Edition:

  • Now softcover, 308 pages. Suggested retail price: $24.95
    ISBN/EAN13: 0976019019 / 9780976019015
  • Every chapter has been newly revised and edited, with considerable new content. The book’s setting, the expertise of the author, has expanded from her history in Hawaii’s hospitality industry, to diverse fields, as a result of bringing MWA to the workplace via Say Leadership Coaching.
  • A new Epilogue shares the Managing with Aloha Ethos, and discusses culture-building. Ka lā hiki ola, which had been the subject of the first edition Epilogue as “the dawning of a new day” is now Chapter 19, value of optimism, hope and promise.
  • Addition of the Managing with Aloha creed, A Manager’s Calling, the 10 Beliefs of Great Managers.
  • Addition of a self-coaching complement, so the reader may use the book as resource and journal. The blank Notes pages previously ending the first edition, are now placed throughout the book with coaching prompts in their relevant places, with more instruction on how to use them in the How To Read This Book section of the Introduction. Alternately, these prompts can be used for workplace book clubs.
  • An Index reformatted into both a Story Index, and a new Concept Index.

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